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Jul 19, 2011 10:00am EDT
for running the company at the time of the illegality, your son and rebekah brooks. >> when a company closes down, it is natural for people to lose their jobs. we have in this case an army that's continuing every effort to see that those people are employed in other divisions of the company, if they're not part of the small group -- well, i don't know how big the group, whatever group was involved in criminality. >> did you close it because of the criminality? >> hmm? >> did you close the paper down because of the criminality? >> yes, we felt ashamed of what had happened and felt to bring it to a close. >> people lied to you and lied to their readers? >> we had broken our trust with our readers. but it's the important point was we had broken our trust with our readers. >> are you aware that there are other forms of illicit surveillance being used by private investigators that were used by news international? >> other forms of? >> illicit surveillance, computer hacking -- >> no. >> if the evidence is produced -- >> i mean i think all news organizations have used private detectives and do so i
Jul 18, 2011 10:00am EDT
rebekah brooks was released from jail after being arrested. london's top cop has stepped down as well, feeling the heat over scotland yard's handling of the investigation. his assistant also resigned. stephanie gosk is following the latest developments from london for us. >> reporter: richard, in the last 24 hours, there have been two high-level resignations from scotland yard and colluding the police chief himself, sir paul stevenson, he has resigned because he hired in 2009 a former editor of "news of the world." his deputy, john yates, has resigned after he was informed that he would be suspended while an investigation into scotland yard's investigation of the scandal was being conducted. john yates is being criticized for in 2009 not continuing to pursue an investigation into the phone hacking. all of this comes while their department continues to make arrests. on sunday they arrested rebekah brooks, i high-level trusted executive of rupert murdoch. her lawyer today said that this arrest took her by surprise, that she is not -- that she says she is not guilty of any criminal wrong
Jul 29, 2011 10:00am EDT
the editorial board of the "wall street journal" today to david brooks to charles krautheimer who have written basically they need to get on board with john boehner. if he is able to get the votes, then what happens next, congressman? >> well, again, that bill, the boehner plan's dead on arrival in the senate. i know the president's not%fgq g to accept it, because we're not going to go through it again in six months. and so i think they'll dipose of it, the way they dipoed of the constitutional amendment, the balanced budget amendment in the senate, and then the question will become whether they can craft anything, get 60 votes and get something that will pass over here. i think the reid plan probably would get almost every democratic vote, and so we'd need 50 votes, maybe 40 votes, from republicans to pass it. that's a viable possibility, but i'm really not sure that right now if mitch mcconnell stands firm and is able to keep his members in line, that's going to be a tough sell in the senate. and that leads the president alone to come to the rescue, and i'm one of those among the democrats h
Jul 1, 2011 10:00am EDT
. i mean, i wear my yoga pants for everything. hiking, biking, pilates... [ woman ] brooke... okay. i wear yoga pants because i am too lazy for real pants. that's my tide. what's yours? >>> some politicos are feeling a twinge of deja vu this election season comparing 2012 to 2004. back then the issue, george w. bush was unpopular and john kerry resting on his military experience. now, president obama's problem is the economy, he's unpoplar with the right and mitt romney is testing his business experience. good to see you, thanks for coming on. >> thanks for having me on, chris. >> you compared john kerry and mitt romney, comfortable front-runners, both flip-floppers. kerry couldn't overcome that tag. can romney? >> that's his challenge. i think it's important to note that in both cases, the base sort of chose them because they were the most pragmatic choice, not because they were beloved by the base. they weren't people who rallied the base. both bases had a president they really hated. the democratic base loathed george w. bush and i think it's fair to say the republican base is no f
Jul 14, 2011 10:00am EDT
call them to testify and rupert murdoch said he will go and testify before them. rebekah brooks his executive at news international said she will show up at parliament next tuesday but she added a caveat, said she would not answer any questions that would prejudice the ongoing investigation. you would have to imagine that could be quite a few of those questions because they're going to want to get at this issue as illegally hacking phones. chris? >> let me ask you also about what you know about what's happening here. several lawmakers including new york congressman peter king, who came out calling for an investigation into whether news corp. properties hacked americans. is there any evidence to suggest that might have happened? >> well there are two issues that have prompted lawmakers in the u.s. to call for investigations. one them is that there are allegations that news corp. actually took bribes from police officers or gave bribes to police officers in exchange for information and that would violate u.s. law of the idea of illegally hacking phones in the u.s., there was a report
Jul 15, 2011 10:00am EDT
about rebekah brooks. >> reporter: she's really been the lightning rod in this scandal since it took off about a week and a half ago, and she actually offered her resignation to rupert and james murdoch last week and they declined it. today they accepted it. she wrote a letter to her staff. she says she reiterated she is sorry for what she says she now knows happened at news of the world. she went on to admit that she has become something of the focal point here in the scandal and she believes now that it's distracting from what she says are news international's honest efforts to fix what's happened in the past. and today, what you see is just the latest casualty for a news corp. in this scandal. there have been three major casualties, the closing of "the news of the world" the backing of the deal with bskyb and now her resignation. >> and rupert murdoch, what is he saying? >> reporter: well, he spoke with them, he gives a very strong defense for his son. he says that his son acted as quickly as he could, as soon as he got the information. he then goes on to say that, to defend the reput
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)